LISTING YOUR HOME DURING THE HOLIDAY MONTHS. After talking with us and discussing the pros and cons of listing your home during the months of October – January, you decide, based on the circumstances, to proceed with putting your house on the market. Be assured, we will be promoting and working towards you reaching your home selling goals during this busy time of year. We will provide you with professional 3D photos of your home. We will advise you to have these pictures done without any fall or holiday decorating. After the professional photos are taken, please do decorate your home making it feel warm and inviting. Remember Casa Bella provides staging to our listing clients. We can assist in giving advice on how to create a home that will make potential clients see themselves celebrating and making their own memories in your home during this special time of year. If your home is unoccupied and we staged your home with furniture, after the professional photos are taken, we will add those special holiday touches ourselves so that when buyers enter your home they will fall in love with your home. Believe me, this works.