The Need For Home Office(s).  Chances are with more and more people working remotely, there is a need for more that one home office.  It is not uncommon for several family members to be working from home.  Need I say more?  Two adults working in the same area does not make for a productive work day!  Additionally, the kiddos need their own space  as virtual learning seems to be the new norm.   Almost everyone I know has invested in additional desks, a good supportive chair, and other must haves to make working from home successful.  But as for space — the lucky ones have an extra room(s); some have set up offices in the lower level of their homes; but for others — they have reconfigured their bedrooms or sectioned off corners of a room.

Even when this pandemic passes, chances are that companies and employees will continue working on ways to continue this trend of working from home.  Having home offices will become a large selling point in real estate.