It may be hard for a seller to understand just what a realtor does to earn that commission. Sure, we take you to look at houses and we write up that offer and negotiate the contract. But there are a lot of things we do that you are not aware of. A good agent will do the actions on the referenced link:

But at Casa Bella Realty we go beyond the 132 things.

At Casa Bella Realty we offer an unique approach to home buying or selling. In addition to the “required” and “expected’ services; we do a lot more, like providing staging services to our listing clients. We understand that your property is a valuable asset, and we will go beyond and above to help potential buyers see that as well. But more importantly, we won’t lose sight that YOU, our client, have your own unique set of circumstances and we will design a campaign that focuses on YOU and the result you want. We value the trust that our clients have placed in us and would like to chat with you on how we can assist you.