It was fun to stage this Windsor Condominium at Perry Hall Farms as it gave me an opportunity to work with the original furniture and contents of this home and blend it with Casa Bella’s touch.   Classic meets trendy.  Traditional and quirky pieces can work together beautifully.  Most of all the furniture in these pictures belonged to the owner.  While I didn’t change the fixtures in the unit (ceiling lights/curtains), I did change all the original wall decor, the rug in the living room, and swamped out the accent pieces to give it a more fresh up-to-date feel.   Some existing pieces of furniture and lamps that were in the unit, I simply rearranged in different rooms which just gave a whole new vibe.   I did bring in a few pieces; namely the blue accent chair and the white rug in the living room, wall décor for all rooms, some lamps, pillows and accent pieces.  By substituting some of the owner’s furnishings with those of Casa Bella’s, I was able to create a new look blending traditional pieces with the newest trend in decorating.   We had positive reviews on the showings and a full, no seller contribution offer within four days.