This five bedroom, 2.5 bath brick home in the sought-after neighborhood of Luth Village was an estate sale. Understandably, the representatives of the estate did not want to invest the time and money into doing major rehabbing. The bones of the house were good and many of the high ticketed items had been taken care of within the past few years. The sellers were, however, willing to freshen up the home by painting the interior walls and having new carpet installed on the stairs and upper level. Once those tasks were completed and the home was thoroughly cleaned, I began the staging.

Being an older home, I wanted to bring in some color to make the rooms feel younger. I used my go-to blue sofa and my newly acquired blue love seat for the living room. A room with a fireplace calls for a cozy set-up so I placed the sofa and love seat opposite each other and added a butler’s tea table complete with teapot, cup, saucer, and faux cookies to make this the perfect spot for a relaxing chat with friends. This area was nicely anchored by the beige rug framing the living room space. This room reminds me of my dad’s home as the two pictures of the ships once hung on his walls and the model ships were part of his decor. I had debated on keeping them, but I am so glad I did. The brown frames on the pictures were painted black and what a difference that made. The beautiful shades of blue become so pronounced. I added a swag of green leaves to the mantel and graced the room with a few accent pieces and wall décor to complete the look. The dining room became a welcoming gathering space by adding a table, bench, chairs, several plants, and side tables. The selected wall décor and area rug added charm to this room with the subdued shades of blue and weathered walls in the picture. One of the bedrooms on the first floor was set up as an office. I recently purchased the canvas prints and wall hangings and accent pieces and the desk was gifted to me by a former client. I felt the shades of color in the wall art gave the room a soft and calming feel. The other bedroom on the first floor was staged as a playroom complete with a kitchenette set, table and chairs, rocking chair, and one of my favorite pieces – the antique children’s desk. Moving upstairs, the primary bedroom was spacious so I made a sitting area with a small table and chair and used complimentary colors for the bedding and pictures accenting the white walls and gray carpeting. I was quite happy with the way this project came together.