At our staging consultation with the homeowner of this two bedroom, two bath penthouse condo, we advised her to make the following updates and she concurred. The entire condo was freshly painted, new flooring was installed in the entryway, living room, dining room, sunroom and hallway. The bedrooms received brand new carpeting. Both bathrooms were rejuvenated with new cabinetry, countertops, toilets and flooring. The over-used white kitchen stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator were replaced with new stainless-steel appliances. A new washer, dryer and hot water heater was added in the laundry room. When all these recommended items were checked off the “to do” list, then the real fun began…STAGING!! With this condo being on the smaller size and wanting to stay with a basic color that would be an easy canvas for whoever purchases this home, we went with white walls. This allowed for endless possibilities to stage this condo and also for the new owners to make it their own with any decorative colors they choose. I visualized a bright and happy place, so yellow and blue were the colors I selected to turn this condo into an inviting space. To emphasize the open floor plan, I left the middle of the room open. This helps the buyer to see how the space could be used for entertaining. The focal point of the room is the wood fireplace and mantel on which I placed a decorative mirror and three small accent pieces. To enhance the visual footage, I added a blue, gray and white rug in the sunroom to draw the buyer’s attention to that area. The blue sofa in the living room ties the rooms together nicely. The other prominent color that I used was yellow – and I carried that bright hue through the living room and dining room with two bright yellow pictures, a yellow pineapple lamp, and a yellow table (that I painted), and a few yellow accent pieces. I added a splash of nautical theme through this area with the sailboat picture, the sailboat on the mantle, and the paddle on the wall. I only needed a few pieces of greenery and some blue accent pieces to make the kitchen pop. A softer shade of blue and grays were used in the bedroom to continue the flow. I would like to point out a few of the unique pieces that I used in this project. As you know, I pride myself on using the latest trends and mixing them with special finds so that each home I stage has its own unique personality and look. The ladder bookshelf used in the living was a purchase from a former client whose house we sold. And I must mention my Goodwill finds: the pretty blue wine glasses, the chest in the sunroom, the bottle on the bookshelf, the sailboat on the mantle, the guitar in the corner of the dining room, and a couple of the vases and books that I strategically placed through the unit. It’s always a thrill to find these pieces and see how I can work them into my staging jobs. And when the homeowner gives positive feedback, you know you did well!