This condo’s walls were accented with a shade of bright green so I opted to tone it down a bit with some warm, earth-toned colors. This created an inviting and homey feel for the entire unit. Using colors such as in the bright orange flower canvas print in the dining room complicated the green wall. The fireplace in the living room set the vibe for the warmth and coziness of this gathering area. I added more earthy colors when choosing the sofa, pillows, and chair. The muted color in the picture hung on the living room wall rounded out the look for this room. The primary bedroom’s green accent wall was evened out by using a beige bedspread and incorporating accent pieces with brown and orange tints. I particularly liked staging the loft. This area featured a window allowing plenty of natural sunlight to stream in. Continuing with the earthy theme, I used a lot of green plants and wood accent pieces to reflect the outdoors creating a relaxing retreat. I wanted to highlight other possible uses for this area, so I added a bench, a tall table with stools, and scattered around games and staged an area for kids to play.