When I met with the sellers of this Windsor condo unit, many of the furnishings were still in place. We walked through each room and I offered my suggestions for what should stay and what should be removed. The clients were very accommodating and took my advice. All furniture and wall décor were removed apart from the two beds and that gorgeous dining room set. I fell in love with that set and asked that it remain for the staging. I had a blast getting this unit ready for sale. The blue accent wall was staying as they did not want to undertake the job of painting. Keeping with the 1960’s theme in mind based on the dining room set and the gold lighting fixture, I set my sights on using golds, blue and yellows. The circular candle holder in the living room and the scones in the dining room were yard sale finds. I simply painted them gold and they worked amazing well with this design. The living room was staged with a retro vibe, complete with a magazine featuring who else, but The Beatles, and a martini glass on the coffee table. The kitchen area was bright and cheery and the yellow chairs and brown table, again with a 60’s vibe, was the perfect finishing piece. The primary bedroom featured black and white prints of women from the era, yellow and gray bedding, and the sitting area was such an inviting spot with the two gray barrel chairs and table. The second bedroom was decorated with teal bedding and accent pieces. We received many compliments on the uniqueness of this staging job. And, oh, by the way…that gorgeous dining room set…well, I purchased it and it looks amazing in my dining room!