Casa Bella fully staged this updated condo. We advised, and our client agreed to do the following: painted the entire condo, installed new carpet throughout, and added new stainless steel appliances. The homeowner had moved out-of-state so we coordinated all these project for her. We arranged for the painters to do the painting, we met with the carpet installers, ordered the appliances, were there for the work/deliveries, and had the condo professionally cleaned. After these projects were accomplished it allowed me to get to work adding the right touches to make someone fall in love with this unit and call it home. The combined living/dining room area was entirely staged using our company’s furniture, wall decor, and accent pieces. In the kitchen, we used a combination of greens – picture and accent pieces on the counter tops and copper accent pieces. The owners’ suite and ensuite bathroom were decorated using a soft touch – from the light green bedspread to the pink florals to the dressing area complete with a wooden dressing screen that we refinished. We even staged the den with a desk, table, lamp and a few accent pieces. All the above services were included in our commission fee. We were happy to be able to assist the homeowner with preparing her condo for sale and are confident it will be sold in no time!