When I met with the owners of this condo, we discussed the pros and cons of selling this unit in its present condition versus investing in doing some needed repairs and updates. The owners chose to move forward with my recommendations in order to bring maximum return on their investment.  Additionally, they wanted the new owners to enjoy the benefits of purchasing a move-in ready home.

Old shelving from the walls needed to be removed, some patch work and repairs were done, and the entire unit was professionally painted. New carpet, flooring, lighting, and blinds were installed. The bathroom received a major make-over and the kitchen was graced with new appliances. We agreed on keeping the kitchen cabinets since they were in great shape and were unique, adding to the charm of this cozy home. By simply adding a mantle over the fireplace, a significant impact on the appearance of the living area was accomplished.

As I was finishing the staging, the owners of this unit arrived. They were amazed (and well pleased) on how the unit presented. I wanted to capture a light and cheerful feel so I hung the colorful poppy flower picture in the living room and used orange as my main accent color through the living room, dining room and kitchen. I staged one room as an office and completed the project by staging the bedroom using another fun and happy color, yellow. It made me so happy when the owners told me that I hit it out of the park with my staging.