Learn More About Kingsville, Maryland

History/General Information

“Kingsville is a semi-rural place in Baltimore County. It is a close-knit and rustic community bounded by the Little Gunpowder Falls river (to the northeast) and the Big Gunpowder Falls river (to the southwest) which join to form the Gunpowder River.

Kingsville takes its name from Abraham King (1760–1836), who acquired some 290 acres in and about the site of Kingsville. King lived in the old Hugh Deane-John Paul mansion (later known as the Kingsville Inn and presently as the Lassahn Funeral home on Belair Road).

The King family operated a tavern according to an 1847 advertisement in American Farmer (a pioneer agricultural journal) at the forks of Bel Air and Joppa (presumably present day Jerusalem) roads. U.S. postal records indicate that a post office was established at King’s Tavern on January 29, 1829, with a George King noted as the postmaster; the office was named ‘Kingsville’ on January 8, 1830. In 1840, State Geologist John Henry Alexander was the first to put Kingsville on a map.”

School System

“Kingsville has no middle or high school within its boundaries, but the elementary school, and its district, serves as a sense of community. Recreation programs and meetings are held at the school.”

Area Attractions 

Kingsville is more rural than some of the other areas surrounding it, which is reflected in its activities and locales. There are a handful of highly-rated restaurants and bars, some with close proximity to the picturesque Gunpowder River. Gunpowder State Park is another part of what can be enjoyed in this area. For a bit of history, the Friends of Jerusalem Mill is a hidden gem of culture and a rare peek into the past.